Understanding Weather Insurance

What is Weather Insurance?

Weather insurance protects you and your event or business from adverse weather conditions. Using historical weather data and your input, we create policies specific to your coverage needs and weather risks. If the policy conditions are met, you receive payment—no additional documentation needed.

How Is Weather Insurance Different?

To better understand how weather insurance is different, compare a weather policy to other types of insurance.

As a comparison, here’s the chance of .25 inches of rain falling on any single day between June and August:
Weather Insurance

The chance of sustaining an adverse weather loss compared to traditional property and casualty events (i.e. collision, fire, etc.) is greater, which means payment is triggered under weather insurance more often.

Why We're Different
  • Expertise

    You might call us weather nerds, and we’re fine with that. We don’t just work with insurance and weather—we understand both. And we’ll help you understand more, too, so that you have the insight to mitigate your business risks.

  • Simplicity

    You choose the weather coverage you need. And if the conditions of your policy are met, you’ll receive your payment in around one to two weeks—no cumbersome paperwork required.

  • Flexibility

    Risk management isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we’ll create a policy built for your specific needs and concerns so that you can protect your brand, your business and your bottom line.

What You Should Consider
How does weather impact your business?

Before you dive into the details of weather insurance coverage, identify how weather impacts your business. What are your concerns? And what could you lose in a worst-case scenario?

Identify weather variables

What weather poses the biggest threat: rain, snow, wind, drought or extreme temperatures? And are you concerned about too much weather or too little?

When do you need coverage?

Are you covering a single event and need protection during a certain timeframe? Or are you looking for long-term or seasonal protection, whether for an event series or a specific type of business?

Weather can affect a business in multiple ways. If you don't know where to start, we'll assess your business' weather risks and structure a plan for your specific needs. We'll keep it simple every step of the way.