Weather Insurance for Construction

Protect Your Business
  • You Work Hard.

    You put everything you have into your job sites--planning each minute and every scenario.

  • Sometimes Rain Falls.

    Even with all your footwork, things can still go awry, and the unpredictable happens…like bad weather.

  • There is a Solution.

    Vortex Weather Insurance is a risk management product designed to help protect your business against financial loss due to weather.

Weather Insurance - The Financial Protection You Need

Weather delays can impact your schedule, increase costs, and lower revenue. Vortex Weather Insurance offers a solution. When adverse weather interrupts operations, weather insurance can help protect your business. Rain, snow, extreme temperatures or a combination of perils can cause havoc. Vortex offers

How Weather Insurance Works
What Our Customers Say
“I wish we would have known about Vortex years ago. We’ve had so many jobs that were a wash out day after day. Vortex Weather Insurance is an opportunity to shore up your company’s finances when the rain just falls and falls.”
- Bekki Fike, Lily Creek Construction