One-Time Events


You can plan every detail of your event—except the weather. Yet inclement weather can cause diminished attendance, cancellations and lost revenue. That’s why you need more than crossed fingers and a back-up plan: you need weather protection.

If you’re planning an outdoor event and are concerned about the weather, we can help put your mind at ease. Here are a few examples of one-time event coverage:

Sporting Events

Nothing derails a sporting event faster than bad weather. Yet delays and cancellations aren’t simply annoying—the financial impact can be devastating. We’ll help you create a weather insurance policy that’s built for your event specifics. Need seasonal or long-term coverage for an event series or tournament? We can help with that, too.

Fairs and Festivals

Not only do you want to avoid rain during your fair or festival, but you also want the pre-event hours to stay relatively dry so that your event location doesn’t turn into a swamp. We’ll help you pinpoint how much rain is too much, then create a weather insurance policy to protect your event.

Special Occasions

Don’t let bad weather crash the party. Instead, we’ll help you identify inclement weather concerns based on the event location and date, then create a weather insurance policy that offers both protection and peace of mind. The new forecast: a 100% chance of a great time!

If any of these scenarios fits your event needs, let us know. If you are a business or organization and you have weather concerns, we can help.
How it Works
  • Identify Concerns

    Give us a call or send a message and tell us about your weather concerns so we can help identify variables that represent the biggest risk.

  • Create a Policy

    Based on your concerns, needs and your area’s historical weather information, we craft a policy to ensure you’re protected if the unfortunate happens.

  • Automatic Activation

    Once you approve and pay for the policy, it’s set. And if it’s triggered, there is no tedious paperwork to fill out.

  • Get Paid Fast

    After your policy triggers, you’ll typically receive your payout in less than two weeks.

What Our Customers Say
“Weather coverage enables us to protect ‘hard’ expenses that are in the budget, which will require payment whether the event is delayed or cancelled.”
— Dennis B., Beach Soccer Club,
Virginia Beach
What Type of Weather Presents a risk to your Event?
Did you know?

Accumulating snow might be great for bread and milk sales, but it can quickly hinder event attendance and earnings. For some businesses, too little snow can be a problem. Tell us your snow-related concerns—and the related financial risk—and we’ll help you build a weather insurance policy, so you don’t have to put your bottom line on ice.

Did you know?

Regardless if your event is rain or shine--rainfall is one of the quickest ways to reduce attendance and sustain financial losses. Let’s discuss how rain could impact your event—we’ll create a weather insurance policy to keep your earnings from getting soaked.

Did you know?

For seasonally focused businesses or even a one-time event, abnormal temperatures—whether too high or too low—can spell trouble for attendance and earnings. We’ll help you identify problematic temperature patterns, then create a weather insurance policy to shield your business from temperature-related risk.

Did you know?

Weather can be costly—even permanently damaging—to a wide variety of businesses. The good news? Businesses now have more control over mitigating the potentially disastrous effects of adverse weather. That includes a weather insurance policy designed with specific risks and parameters in mind, minimizing the loss incurred by extreme or simply inconvenient weather.