The weather can spoil more than your event.

It can also hinder—even damage—your business. Rather than take an unnecessary risk, protect your reputation and your bottom line.

Types of Coverage
What is Weather Insurance?

We create a weather insurance policy based on your risk and pay you if the conditions of your weather insurance policy are met, there’s no need to provide detailed documentation.

Both weather and insurance are complex—and that’s why we strive to make managing your weather risk as easy as possible.

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One-Time Events

Weather could make or break your event. Rather than agonize over forecasts while other responsibilities mount, let us help you build a data-driven weather insurance policy that helps protect your event and peace of mind.

Protect Your Event

Long-Term Solutions

Whether you’re running a series of events or rely on certain weather in a specific timeframe, we’ll create a weather insurance policy that mitigates risk. You’ll not only protect your bottom line; you’ll also widen your advantage over weather-unaware competitors.

Protect Your Business
Why Vortex?

Everyone talks about the weather. But we understand it. And we’ll provide GuaranteedWeather, the insurance you need to minimize risk.


We’ll provide coverage specific to the weather variables that pose the biggest risk to your event or business, as well as any event or industry nuances.


We draw on decades of weather and insurance expertise to help you not only understand the weather, but also how it impacts your business.


No need to complete tedious paperwork. If your event is affected by the weather and policy conditions are met, you’ll typically receive payment in one to two weeks.


We don’t simply want to sell you a product. Instead, we want to partner with you to shield your business from weather-related risk.

What Our Customers Say
“We recognize that rain is one of our biggest obstacles when planning any of our outdoor events.  With Vortex, it is great to know that we are financially covered if rain becomes problematic.  The whole process is quick and simple.”
— Stephen Lecky, Venture Richmond Events, LLC